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School Life at Abugon & Cagay

Agape Academy values academics as well as the building of authentic learning that is transferable to real-life application. Our teachers try their utmost to provide better education for them as children learn best within a community of love and joy. 

Construction of School Buildings

The official construction of school buildings began, in 2012, with the construction of a preschool & kindergarten building in Abugon. Meanwhile, in Cagay, preschool and kindergarten classes were held in a church building. The next stage was the construction of elementary schools in Cagay & Abugon.

Extension of Education to the Neighborhood

At Agape Academy, continual education is available to children in the neighboring communities. Events such as Art Workshops, Bible Vacation Schools and other learning activities are hosted and sponsored by AGAPE ministry. These events serve to encourage learning and build rapport with members of the surrounding communities.

Lack of Proper Classrooms

Kitchen and church were transformed to classrooms. Founder of Agape Ministry, Merrian offered her own house as classroom. Agape Academy opened its doors with only 54 students, 200 students in 2016. With the growth of student population each year, Agape has to plan ahead and prepare new campuses for the coming years. Please join us to provide these children the opportunity to receive quality education! 

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