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Building Self Confidence

​​I spent my preschool to 4th grade in a public school. There I experienced less. I said less because, I felt like I was not part of the class. Inside the classroom we are more than 50 students, so our teacher will only notice those who are smart and forget the slow ones like me. I also got myself into trouble before.

When my mother heard about Agape Academy, with no second thought, she transferred me there where I spent my 5th and 6th grade. Studying in a Christ-Centered school is a great privilege. It helps me bloom and develop my self-confidence. At Agape, I became prayerful and helpful. I still get myself into trouble sometimes, but I apologize instantly without being reprimanded by my teachers and pastors. They always tell me that getting into trouble is no good at all. It will just make your parents, teachers and most especially God sad. I have so much appreciation for the administration and for all the sponsors for giving us the chance to study in a school like this. I learned a lot not just on my studies but also to improve my well being. Now that I’m stepping into the next stage of my life, I want to give thanks to God for letting me experience an institution with teachers and pastors who gave their 101 percent efforts and love to each one of us. Without them I won’t be who I am today. Thank You and God bless you all, always!

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