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200 students enrolled with Agape Academy

200 pupils were enrolled with Agape Academy for the school year 2016/17, of which 112 are graduates from the previous year. This represents an increase of 42.5% compared to the previous year when 141 students were enrolled at the beginning of the year.

We appreciate the trust that so many parents put into us in helping them to raise children that receive both a solid academic education as well as character development.

To accommodate the growth of 50% new students this 2016-2017 school year we had to improvise with the low budget on hand. We converted our houses into classrooms for the Primary school campus, renovated and expanded to create four classrooms.

Thankful to family and friends for partnership in this mission. Fighting poverty through education. To give Hope to Transform the lives of underprivileged families.

Next plan, we are building one school premise to meet the growing needs in the community. Build computer and Science Lab rooms, library, canteen, teachers' office, parents' Livelihood Community Center.

Partner with us, as a volunteer, a missionary, offer scholarships, build buildings, feedings, provide medical and hospitalization aid support. To donate, email us at

Since its inception in 2011 Agape Academy, the educational arm of Agape Ministry, has grown from 18 students to now just over 200. Around 75% of students return every year to study another year at Agape Academy to take advantage of the quality education offered to them.

Student enrolment statistics 2011-2016

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