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My Dream Came True

Studying in a private school was just a dream for me. Until one day I woke up, and found myself wearing a private school uniform and wearing ID with Agape Academy as the name of the school. I was happy knowing that my dream came true. I thanked my family for sending me to Agape, because here I learned the importance of education, unlike before. The teachers are hands on, and they teach heartily with all dedication. Through that, I was able to develop my confidence and get the chance to perform in front of many people. I learned songs which praises God Almighty, and heard stories which taught us good values. I also realized that being respectful is very vital in this world. Through it, you can make your parents and teachers happy, and also God. Studying here at Agape made me feel so important and valuable, unlike in the public school. For that I am grateful. I thank Ma´am Merrian and Sir Patrick for building this school, and for giving us the chance to experience the things we didn’t experience in the public school. And to God, thank you for giving us these people who helped us grow not just academically, but also spiritually.

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