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Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s i

When the vision and mission of Agape Academy was set in place, one of the challenges was to hire Christ-centered teachers who are willing to serve the community out of love and humility. The first batch of teachers contracted for this teaching assignment were given receivables to meet their daily needs; receivables that are comparably lesser than the salary scheme in public schools. Nevertheless, these teachers carried out their responsibilities out of obedience, in accordance to their beliefs. They poured out their hearts to instill biblical practices, a sense of confidence and worth in their students, as well as equipping them with content knowledge.

Since then, the academy has been hiring professional educators who are passionate in making a difference in the lives of students. Educators with a sense of purpose, a passion to reach out to the poor and the needy, and a desire to follow Christ’s commands. The communities in Abugon and Cagay are blessed by the hearts and hands of these teachers.

How do these teachers feel about making an impact in the lives of their students?

Working in the ministry of God is a great privilege for me. Teaching molded my competence to be with the people of God wherein peace, harmony, friendship and love are the keys to building a better relationship.

Years of teaching in Agape Academy build my character towards people. Loving the kids more than I ever knew possible. Building relationships which are unforgettable pavements of memoir for a lifetime. Thus, changes are a part of my learning and my journey in the ministry.

Great is the feeling, seeing the children learn as a result of your hardwork and dedication, as the fulfillment of your passionate love over them. Inculcating the values of learning with them, one can merely see their progress. The sweat and chalk dust that lay heavily on our brows are simply nothing when we look at these children, and witness how they were molded over the years.

Teaching the children is a way of helping and guiding them onto the battlefield arena--the real world. Furthermore we achieve the vision and mission of Agape Academy. To the parents, who always say that they are very thankful for Agape academy and the opportunity and hope that arises from her, the learning competencies and experiences received by their kids go beyond their expectations.

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