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Everything that exists in this world has a reason

Before working at Agape Academy, I led a simple life. It was so simple that I did not know what would happen next. There was no drive. I always abided in accordance to the Lord’s provision, but I never stopped asking God to help me achieve my dream to become an effective teacher.

It is a great blessing for me now that I am in the world of teaching. The priceless gift when I see my pupils use their understanding to apply good attitudes towards their peers. Even though there are challenges for me as a teacher, it is never a dull moment. In fact these challenges strengthen me and make me as young as my pupils. No matter how difficult it is to handle them, it is such a great blessing for me to have them in my class. I never felt tired when I witness them learning. They made me laugh at times of fatigue. They color my experience as a teacher. Despite the tiresome work I’ve done, my pupils are my inspiration.

I am also blessed by my students’ parents who are always monitoring their children. They helped me with that, and that is also one of my great successes in this challenging profession. Sometimes the parents tell me the hardship faced by their children, but by the grace of God I’ve touched their lives and helped them changed their ways. I never felt alone for the parents are always there asking me and helping me with their kids. The great blessing is we bonded with each other.

From the goodness of AGAPE ACADEMY, my dream is fulfilled. My God used the school to meet my needs, something I didn’t think would be possible. It is because of the children that I am able to realise my dream. For this reason, I believe I need to do my part as an ambassador to help kids with their learning, and to lessen the burden carried by our Agape’s leadership.

Thank you for making me a part to this ministry. God Bless!

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