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Love in Action for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan

On November 8, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda to locals, brought devastation to many parts of Philippines, including Cebu. Led by Pastor Juanito, Agape Ministry volunteers headed towards the northern parts of Cebu to bring much needed supplies to survivors of Haiyan.


It was already mid afternoon when we arrived in Medellin where we had the distribution of the relief goods. We assembled in a church where the pastor and his wife assisted us. The victims told us that we were the second group who arrived and brought help for them after almost two weeks since the typhoon hit them there. We can’t merely imagine how desperate they were before we arrived. It was really a heart-felt moment when they ran after our vehicle and asking for help but somehow, they were patient to line-up and waited for our instructions. While the parents lined-up, the kids were also given some bits of hope. They were so happy and thanked us so much for the little gifts we shared to them. As to the parents, we let them get in the church and listen to God’s word before they can get their share. And it was heart-warming, for we had seen some teary eyes as they heard the word of God.

The simple smiles and several words of gratitude were seen and heard as they received their goods. The love in action we’ve shown had certainly touched their lives, not just physically but also, spiritually. Some victims approached us and thanked us for being there for them despite the long distance and hours we traveled. This is the love in actions all about, to love in any forms or conditions through the great mercy and grace of God.

The Agape Team and in behalf of the typhoon victims here in Cebu, Philippines, we are so thankful to the donors who shared their blessings, to Sir Patrick and Ma ’am Merrian Raths for the trust, support and prayers for the this mission trip. And above all, to the Almighty God who made all things great and possible in His time. We had a wonderful and blessed journey to the North where the Hope had given to the Hopeless. To God be the glory! Agape ’s Love in Actions spread throughout ….

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