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School Year 2014/15 started with a bang

Monday, 9 June marked the first school of the school year 2014/15. In our fourth year of operation, Agape Ministry has grown from 18 students to now just over 125! This is a huge step forward for us, especially as many parents now enrolled their children into elementary school with us.

This success while heart-warming, also raises challenges for us. We urgently had to purchase additional furnitures and to hire additional teachers in order to take in all the students.

You can create an impact by helping us so we can empower these children to have a better future. Just HKD 30 / week supports a single child for a full school year. Your donation would be put to good use in buying them books, stationery, paying for teachers who are doing this at a fraction of the average pay.

Any amount that you are willing to contribute would be most welcome. We hope you could be part of helping us groom Philippines’s future leaders with your generosity.

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