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Agape Academy Has Good Teaching Styles

I saw the difference between the teachings in Agape from the teachings in the public school. Based on my other children's performances, I can say that Agape has good teaching styles because my son Aaron learns a lot. Before, my son never joins school activities, even attending flag ceremony and morning exercises. Every time the school has activity, I always have the problem with pushing him to perform. But as time goes by, and by the efforts of the teachers, Aaron gained his confidence and performs without being reprimanded and it´s a relief on my side. What is also nice in Agape is that they are not just focusing on the children's improvement but also on the parents as well. Through VHL, I get to listen to stories and hear advices that are important especially on building good relations with other people. It also teaches me the importance of family and good consequences of following rules and regulations. VHL is an eye opener to us parents as it helps us take good care of ourselves, our environment and our family; this is possible only with God’s help and guidance.

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