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My Granddaughter Came Out of Her Shell

Ever since Maricar my granddaughter attended school I was the one who always accompany her, because her mother is working abroad just to support their school and daily needs. For two years, as their surrogate parent, I noticed that there is an improvement of Maricar´s learnings. She has nice penmanship. Not just that, I also observed her communicating with other people. She even told her older sister not to talk bad words because she heard pastor Lim said bad words is bad and God will get hurt. Maricar is a naturally timid kid, but ever since we decided to send her to Agape Academy, her mother and I noticed she came out of her shell. Though she is very quiet inside the school premises, when it comes to classroom and school activities she participated and performed well which made us so proud. I know that catering to different attitudes and behaviors is not easy, but what I have seen with my granddaughter’s performance, I can really say that the training of the teachers towards the children has paid off. I also learned that when you are on God’s side you can never go wrong. Seek Him first and His kingdom is really important.

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