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Our Children with Good Thoughts

The large number of pupils in the public school is a big problem. They can´t really entertain each pupil because there are many. That is why I enrolled my daughter in Agape Academy for three main reasons. First, I don't want my daughter to be drawn to worldly things like other children do. Second, Agape teaches children Christian works which is really important to parents like us. Lastly, though the school is private, the tuition fees are based on our incomes so it is not that heavy.

I personally witnessed the improvement of my child while she is studying at Agape Academy. Before, she is really timid but now she gained her confidence. I discovered she has talents in dancing and singing. It´s because every time the school has monthly activity, everyone is involved even the little ones. The teachers do their best to teach the children the right things which gives me no reason to back out. As a Christian, I am very grateful that my child experienced and will experience good learning ground to teach her in godly ways. I can also say that feeding our children with good thoughts and showing them good works will lead them to doing it too. And that is what Agape Academy is doing.

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