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This School Is Helping My Child

As a mother, I always think for the good of my children. I want to ensure that they get what they need and deserve. And that includes the school where they will shape their future.

As a resident in Abugon, I heard a lot of good stories about Agape Academy. So, I said to myself and consulted my husband about my plan of sending our son, Justin to Agape Academy. And he agreed with me. I was happy because I know this school can help my child learn. And I'm right, I saw Justin's improvement in a lot of things – writing, identifying numbers and letters in the alphabets. He can even perform in front of many people which is not his forte. What really makes me proud of my child is the fact that he knows telling bad words is really bad. Seeing my child’s development is really a testimony that this school can change the lives of our children. I want to thank the teachers, pastors, and Ma’am Merrian Raths and her husband for being instruments of change. God bless you all, always.

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